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Medimex 2015 - Assomusica - EUROPEAN LIVE MUSIC NETWORK (En)

October 30, 2015 from 3 pm to 4.30 pm

Hall 1 del Pad. espositivo Medimex

The live music scene in Europe is caracterized by considerable differences from country to country. The opportunity is there for all european operators and associations to act more than ever united and motivated as to represent the interests of live music sector at the highest European institutional level. One of the objectives of Assomusica is to foster tight collaboration amongst operators along those same lines that proved to be successful in the cinema and broadcasting industries, as to encourage favorable legislation, raise funds and develop programmes dedicated to live music.
This federating effort of Assomusica's has met considerable interest from many operators in different European countries.


Alessandro Senesi Directorate General for Education and Culture Directorate D – Culture and creativity Creative Europe Programme - Culture Unit

Greg Parmley  Managing Director ILMC (Inghilterra)

Georges Perot Founder & Managing Director MESO Music Events (Grecia)

Vincenzo Spera Assomusica President (Italia)


Jeremy Davies Director of Root Music (Gran Bretagna)

Audrey Guerre Coordinator Live DMA (Francia)

François Jolivet Fedelima Board Member (Francia)

Attilio Perissinotti Network Europe Board Member (Olanda)

Aline Renet Strategic Councillor and Institutional Relations Prodiss (Francia)

Nuno Saraiva  Vice President AMAEI (Portogallo)

Karsten Schölermann Livekomm LiveMusikKommission/ Board member (Germania)

Malika Seguineau Director Prodiss (Francia)

Peter Smidt Manager at Buma Cultuur / Creative Director at Eurosonic (Olanda)

Manfred Tari Managing Editor Pop100 (Germania)

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