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Vincenzo Spera on Italian newspaper Repubblica about cell phones at concerts

After Adele, Alicia Keys, Keith Jarrett and more artists started seriously fighting the use of cell phones at concerts, Apple just received the licence to commercialize its patented software that blocks the use of camera phones in areas where the use is prohibited. This would happen thanks to an infrared detector next to the stage that would allow blocking the camera, showing a message on the phone. It could be used in other sensitive areas like museums. Copyright would therefore be safe and the audience would not be gleaming anymore.

Quoted from Repubblica.it http://www.repubblica.it/spettacoli/musica/2016/06/30/news/apple_contro_i_telefonini_ai_concerti-143116476/?ref=twhz&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter :

It is the president of Assomusica, the association of concert promoters, Vincenzo Spera who stood up to defend fans at concerts: "The pleasure of listening to music remains an absolute value and it can't be driven by commerce. I think that behind these measures there is the will of commercializing official photos and videos of the artist. It can't be forgotten that people attending concerts are there to live an unforgettable experience and to them only a video or selfie can attest that. How can I tell someone that his or her cellphone must be blocked after travelling for 300 kilometers only to take a picture under Vasco Rossi's stage in a full stadium? Commercial aspects can't overwhelm the emotional ones that are just as important".