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Ventotene summit, the rebirth of Europe comes from the centrality of Culture


Appreciation of the initiative by the President of Assomusica, Vincenzo Spera

Assomusica, the Italian Association of the organizers and producers of Live Music Shows, expressed strong appreciation for the initiative of Italian Premier Matteo Renzi at the summit of Ventotene, supporting the role and the centrality of Culture for a renaissance of Europe, and underlining the importance of the locations where culture is made.

"Assomusica warmly welcomes the initiative of our Prime Minister," says Mr Vincenzo Spera. "Thanks to the actions of our Government and of Minister Franceschini, culture is finally starting to get the proper recognition on European level, while the much waited for law on music is taking shape in Europe. Assomusica is working on its guidelines together with the office of the president of the Culture Commission Silvia Costa. Our hope is that in Ventotene, in the field of cultural policy, this law can finally be launched, and that the Juncker Plan can also be applied to the financing of cultural and creative industries".

Music is one of the artistic expressions that are mostly appreciated by the public and that are more sensitive to the great changes in the world, while Italy is one of the leading European countries in terms of heritage and tradition in the sector. It is therefore crucial considering its raise given the strategic role within the artistic and cultural activities of the country, and even considering the European legislation in the field.

"It is commendable that the Italian Government supports the cultural heritage, and it is up to everyone to continue working together to ensure that music, an integral part of Culture, has the necessary centrality, recognition and regulation, including in Europe, and is finally present with proposing and cohesive actions", adds president Spera.