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Concert tickets, Assomusica safeguards the public

Assomusica reiterates its opposition to any unauthorized activity of reselling concert tickets. It urges, therefore, the Supervising Authority to take action to prevent any form of speculation to the detriment of consumers and of the authors. Measures should include, but not limit to, accurate controls, so that the show tickets are sold only by people entitled and authorized to do so: the organizers; ticket companies authorized by the organizers; third parties duly authorized, whose name and / or VAT number must appear on the same ticket.

Assomusica also invites the public to buy tickets through the official channels only, distrusting who willfully defrauds State, spectators and music itself.

It is urgent, therefore, to find measures to block those Web sites that do not respect the laws.

It is the firm belief of our Association that urgent legislative measures are necessary, to govern the specific peculiarities of evolving sectors that are of great socio-economic impact.

For this reason, the action of Assomusica will continue with greater commitment, not only directed to Italian institutions but also to the other partners, at the international level. The problem is felt, in fact, in all European countries (France and Germany, in particular) and cannot disregard Community rules. Only cooperation and the appropriate synergies with other subjects, institutional or otherwise, can give us the desired results.