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Krakow: an international conference and network for artists


What is the best way to export one's music: this is a concept that is becoming more and more important in the network of European music, a network that Assomusica is working for at international level and that is helped by the EU's programmes.

This topic will be among the ones talked about in Krakow, Poland, on November 11th and 12th, during Tak Brzmi Miasto/Hear The City Conference & Festival: EXPORT, when conferences and events will be held to help young musicians from all over Europe understand the best way for them to make their music international.
Among the first questions that must be asked, for example, is whether to sing in English or in one's own mother tongue.
Besides giving the instruments to give one's career a boost, the conference, to which Assomusica is a media partner, is also a way for artists to make their music known to the industry members that will take part to the event.
The programme to the event is attached.