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Vincenzo Spera among the speakers at Nouvelle Prague

Vincenzo Spera, president of Assomusica, will be among the keynote  speakers at the introductory meeting of Nouvelle Prague, which will take place in Prague from November 4th. Spera will participate with Jens Michów, Matjaz Manček, Dijana Lakus and Marton Náray to the panel regarding the importance of a network at European level.

Assomusica is in fact one of the organizers and founders of the European Live Music Network. "Alliances based on synergies are win-win for all, and the European Live Music Network is an EU initiative to build the ultimate resource to nurture, grow and sustain live music throughout all member states.” Moderator of the meeting will be Georges Perot, co-founder of NPO Meso events.

On the same day will also be discussed the importance of the green tecnologies to save not only energy and materials but also money, while in the afternoon the importance of digitizing music-related industries will be addressed. There will also be a demonstration on how promoters, agents and music publishers listen to the demo they receive.

On November 5th, it will be time to talk about funding and the branding of musicians, of music education and how to use the networks for the sale of tickets.