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Assomusica favours the Government's proposal against secondary ticketing

Assomusica acknowledges and welcomes the Government’s proposal, in the person of Minister Franceschini, who will present an amendment to the Budget Law to stem the flow of secondary ticketing.

President Spera declared: "I acknowledge with great satisfaction that this afternoon Minister Franceschini announced that he will submit an amendment to the Budget Law to limit and counter the phenomenon of online ticket touting, or secondary ticketing. I'm really satisfied to see this unity of views between the Minister and Assomusica, since a few days ago the Honourable Fiorio and Fanucci had submitted an Assomusica proposal, regarding the Tax Law, towards stamping out the phenomenon."

President Spera also affirmed that "Our Association is always at the forefront to ensure the legality and avoid that touts can make money spoiling cultural events which promote art and socialization."