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Assomusica President Vincenzo Spera heard by the Culture Commission about Secondary Ticketing

Hearings in front of the Cultural Commission of Camera, one section of Italian’s Parliament, ended today with the intervention of the President of Assomusica Vincenzo Spera. The Commission is chaired by Flavia Piccoli Nardelli, and is hearing on the case secondary ticketing.

«Finally, Italy is doing something against secondary ticketing - the tickets market parallel to that authorized – and we should be proud for carrying that on, as well as MPs who pay much attention to this work and who then made it possible. We're talking about an industry that has no rules nor laws», said Spera.

«Many parliaments and governments, almost simultaneously, are working on the topic secondary ticketing. It is a problem, in fact, that cannot be solved by only one country». A few ideas, added Spera, have already emerged in the proposed legislation and investigations already carried out in other nations: «There is a total war against bots (software allowing the automatic purchase of large quantities of tickets, circumventing the rules imposed by the secondary market sites) in some cases even with criminal prosecution». Another point is the possibility to equip the Agenzia delle Entrate, Italian IRS, of more tools to control the secondary market.

«Another element already contained in the amendment by MP Rampi - continued Spera - is the ability for the individual citizen to resell the ticket». At the same time, it is important to try to avoid «the name on tickets, one thing that would involve quite big problems, even technical and economic». This was already sperimented at Opera House La Scala, with no success.

Italy, however, was among the first to try to push through a law to regulate the issue. «In recent years Assomusica took care of the problem but this as not reflected by the supervisory bodies. We involved MPs on the issue, as this led to a first amendment tabled in October on the Tax Decree, which at the time did not pass».

The same was later taken up, adapted and passed within the Financial Law.