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Assomusica President, Vincenzo Spera: "Satisfaction" for 10% VAT on artistic performance"

"We welcome this measure absolutely. We expected thath since 2007. " So Assomusica President, Vincenzo Spera, comments with AgCult the rule contained in the Maneuver that brings to the 10% the VAT for "theatrical performances of any type, including opera, ballet, prose, operetta, musical comedy, magazine; vocal and instrumental concerts; circus activities and traveling performances, shows of puppets and puppets wherever they are kept ", extending these provisions also to the" related services provided by intermediaries ".
"Our satisfaction - says Spera - is enormous. We worked together with parliamentarians, ministers, to come to a conclusion of this path, with a new interpretation of reality. We thank the government that has adopted this norm and all those who have worked for us. "
"Many years ago - says Spera - the artistic performance was different from what we have today. In the past there was a singer, an opera theater, where there was already director and stage design. Today is different, today the concerts are performances traveling in all directions, with lights, scenographers, directors, sound engineers, everything that comes with the artist. It was necessary to bring the discourse to the present and to align the VAT to the artistic performance as a whole. "
"Very often," adds Spera, "it's not easy to understand the problems of our industry, among those few who are growing. Where legislation helps and facilitates work, it is more likely that growth will continue. In this regard I do not hide that even the new code of live entertainment code, which is about to land at the Chamber of Deputies, contains important elements for the definition of rules and roles in this sector. Here too, a lot of work has been done with those who wrote the law, a work also elaborated on the territories. "


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