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Assomusica supports Italian and European Music Day (Fete de la Musique) organizers network.

Assomusica supports Italian and European Music Day (Fete de la Musique) organizers network.

Assomusica (Association of Italian live music organizers and producers) attended the European Meeting of Music Day / Fete de la Musique Organizers in Palermo on 9th and 10th of March 2018.


Following the initiative of the Italian Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MIBACT), the Italian Association of Festa della Musica (AIPFM) and the invitation of Palermo European Capital of Culture 2018, main representatives of European networks of organizers of the Music Day / fete de la Musique met in the Sicilian Capital for an historic meeting that aimed to renew the alliance between all the members and organizers of the largest common music event of Europe.


Including National organizers from Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia) and Regional ones (Berlin and Cracow), and connecting historic members of the European music Day Association / Fete Europeenne de la Musique (EMDA) with new ones, the meeting of Palermo produced a successful momentum as to federate European organizers and regenerate the common umbrella network.


As a partner of both INPO EMDA and Festa Della Musica networks, Assomusica was invited to participate to this national and international opportunity, during the Laboratory for Cultural Dialogue hosted in the Italian Capital of Culture.


Aside European counterpart, Italian representatives were: Palermo City Mayor Leoluca Orlando, Silvia Costa, European Parliament Member of the Commission for Culture and Education, Paolo Masini, Ministry advisor from MiBACT, Marco Staccioli, AIPFM, Paolo Varriale, Assomusica; Claudio Formisano, CAFIM; Giuseppe Marasco, MEI.


Main objectives of the meeting aimed at developing joint marketing operations with creative projects, artistic co-productions and exchange practices. Meeting also intended to set-up an action plan to identify future opportunities and synergies in connection with European Commissions "Music Moves Europe".


Some of the inputs network shared included the following propositions:


  • Regeneration of the European “Music day / Fete de la Musique” Association created in Brussels in 1995 and support the development of events across Europe;
  • Coordination of simultaneous event in all countries for the next edition on the 21st of June 2018 such as a European flash mob;
  • Co-branded event with other Music Networks on the 21st of June in Brussels in front of the European Parliament
  • Development of partnerships between “European Music Day / Fete Europeene de la Musique” and other international networks such as ELMA (European Live Music Association).