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Assomusica Award to Silvia Costa, 

rapporteur of the Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027


Brussels, 27th June 2018 - “The whole industry is calling on all EU institutions to support and strengthen the idea of dedicating specific programming to the music sector within the next multiannual financial framework. We need a "tailored" European music programme, with a budget proportionate to the economic, social and cultural contribution that this social and cultural form of art offers to the community. Only through strong support from the European Community, we will be able to promote creativity and innovation, safeguard and expand the diversity of European music and help the industry to adapt and take advantage of the challenges of digitalization”.

Vincenzo Spera, Chairman ofAssomusica,the Italian Association of Live Music Shows Producers and Organizers, which unites over one hundred and twenty companies throughout the country, is in the European Parliament of Brussels today. With strenght and determination he propones to support a shared programme for live music and for a series of commitmentsin favour of music in Europe.

On May 22, The European Commission published the new Agenda for Culture: the Creative EuropeProgramme will start for the period 2021-2027 in a post-Brexit Union. Despite many important changes, much still has to be achieved.Several questions relate to the music sector remain open: the effort of Assomusicais to bring them to the attention of European Parliament.  

The Chairman Vincenzo Speraunderlines the necessity to improve scouting activitiesand the establishment of an observatoryfor gathering and monitoring datarelated to the music sector. The efforts of Assomusica are directed at making up for the lack of analytical data, a vital factor in order to identify an effective policy for this sector.                                                                                                                                                          
The second issue concerns support for industries and benchmarkingactivities, in order to overcome the difficulties encountered by the sector operators and identify concrete support activities for all those music industries which encourage new talents.                                                                                                                                                                   
Lastly,the Italian Associationemphasises the need to enable the sector operators having access to the financial resources, in order to produce and promote the internationalization of music.

In this occasion, Silvia Costa, Member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture, has been awarded byAssomusicawith the following motivation:“Commitments, Passion and Dedication to the Music: European Cultural Heritage”. A bottle, made of glass, encloses the message and the AssomusicaMicrophone, a symbol of the Association’s will to voice the demands and at the same time an invitation for MEP Costa to take these initiatives forward.Silvia Costa is also rapporteur of the Creative Europe Programme which includes many issues carried out by Assomusicain all these years. Some of these questions include the need for greater participation of young people in the radio-television broadcasting; the effort to encourage the union between musical industry, live performing and new technologies; music as important instrument against social exclusion; the necessity of politics to valorize and internationalize the Italian music, allowing a greater penetration abroad. 


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