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ASSOMUSICA to the Culture and Labor Committees: "A 97% decrease in turnover is recorded for the sector. Contemporary popular music must be supported on a par with other sectors"




“Contemporary popular music is food for our souls and must be supported on a par with other sectors”


Rome, October 27 2020 - This morning ASSOMUSICA, the Association of Organizers and Producers of Live Music Shows, took part in the cycle of hearings on entertainment workers at the combined Culture and Labor Commissions of the Chamber of Deputies.

In his speech, the President Vincenzo Spera clearly manifested the state of suffering faced by the operators, the entire sector in fact recorded a 97% decrease in turnover:Today we are gathered to discuss about the show workers. Unfortunately, the analysis cannot ignore the context in which we find ourselves. First, for there to be jobs, there must be someone offering jobs. Specifically, we deal with two categories of workers: those who work with fixed-term contracts for structures financed by the State in various capacities and all the others - according to INPS data are 327,000 – who have no placement. Therefore, the fundamental problem is once again going to identify and institutionalize the various professional figures who have never been considered. The crisis requires us, however, to safeguard all workers who are, at this moment, without any type of work. The concern, as evidenced by the British data (loss of work for 50% of temporary workers and to date 26% of intermittent workers), is that many of these workers will no longer have a job in the entertainment world".

Vincenzo Spera then went on to recall that the European Commissioner for Culture, Marya Gabriel, reiterated the centrality of the cultural industries in the Union and that they are taking action to give centrality to contemporary popular music in the EU Next Generation. “Therefore, I ask the Italian Government - Spera commented - to respect the instructions of the European Parliament of September 2020 to allocate at least 2% of the EU Next Generation to projects for culture”.

Another central aspect touched upon by President Spera concerns programming: “This DPCM of 24 October comes as a sting for the live sector and could sanction a dangerous disconnection with our audience. For this reason, while sharing the principle of protecting public health, I ask that a concrete and serious planning be defined to identify the ways to restart. I asked for it from the beginning of the pandemic and I believe that today we must imagine a crisis scenario at least until May 2021: we cannot wait for the month of December or January to then find ourselves in the same current situation, but we must be able to identify possible restart scenarios right now, otherwise we will find ourselves unprepared and lose further months. Ironically, this pandemic can represent an opportunity to accelerate the process of the law on live entertainment but above all to look at a horizon in which the rebirth sees greater synergies between the various categories and leads definitively to a complete integration that exceeds the current public funding criteria. To do all this, it is essential to establish a permanent technical table that knows how to transpose the requests and identify the most appropriate measures. And where the public administration is unable, because it is overburdened by the current workload, private institutions should be hired that can guarantee this work, just as it has been necessary to pay for private transport to support public transport".

Assomusica has renewed to the Commissions the proposals that yesterday it had sent to the Prime Minister:

  • Request to the Government to create a permanent table that dialogues with the various components of the entertainment world;
  • Immediate support for the sector to all categories regardless of turnover: the crisis is hitting small and large without distinction;
  • Identification of all subjects who are practically prohibited from working by subrogating with adequate economic measures with a minimum horizon of May 2021;
  • Development of models for the progressive opening of venues in at least 3 phases;
  • Synergy between the various subjects and structures financed with those not financed and making public spaces available free of charge for a period of at least 18 months;
  • Projects coordinated for the use of the Recovery Next Generation, as indicated by the European Parliament which has instructed Member States to allocate at least 2% of funds to Culture;
  • Use of funds from the new Creative Europe program, which for the first time has also included funding for contemporary live music.

Vincenzo Spera concluded by reiterating that music and culture are inalienable goods, they are the infrastructure of the soul that no power can buy, as has already happened for the major European infrastructures, for the patents of artificial intelligence and for the ownership of raw materials, necessary for green development, and for this reason it must be protected, supported and financed with structural funds, as a long-term objective.

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