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Segreteria Assomusica

European Festival Conference 2017

European Festival Conference (EFC) si sposterà dall'Austria in Norvegia per la seconda edizione che si svolgerà dal 22 al 25 novembre presso l'hotel Farris Bad di Larvik.
Circa 100 delegati parteciperanno, il tema principale sarà "il futuro dei festival", con pannel su salute e sicurezza, meteo, terrorismo, tecnologia mobile, secondary ticketing, aspettative del pubblico e artisti e altro ancora.
Parteciperanno Ben Challis (Glastonbury Festival), Andras Berta (Sziget), Holger Jan Schmidt (GreenEvents Europe), Henrik Bondo Nielsen (Roskilde Festival), Pascal Viot (Paléo Festival de Nyon), Manfred Tari ), Fruzsina Szép (Lollapalooza Berlin) e staff di Alleanza musicale.
Tra le associazioni del settore il gruppo Green Operations (GO Group), il gruppo di sicurezza di Yourope Event (YES Group) e European Marketing and Communications Group (EMAC), costituito al primo EFC.

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L'amministratore delegato della UK Music, Michael Dugher, ha chiesto l'introduzione di un passaporto per la musica dal vivo a livello comunitario per gli artisti britannici per garantire la libertà di movimento dopo che il Regno Unito sarà uscito dall'unione.
In un articolo per HuffPost di venerdì, Dugher  ha invitato il governo britannico a porre fine all'incertezza e alla mancanza di chiarezza affrontando l'attività musicale britannica, invitando i ministri a concordare un accordo per un periodo di transizione entro il 31 dicembre per ridurre al minimo la crisi del settore e per evitare una "scogliera" Brexit nel 2019. 

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On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the Music Day edition in Greece,  our greek NIMPE partner MESO Music Events (National Coordinator of the Greek Network of the European Music Day organizers) inaugurated an innovative collaboration with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, the National Council of Archaeology and the Greek Tourism organization aiming to connect Music, Cultural Heritage and Tourism.

The innovative initiative which was co-promoted and broadcast by Greek Tourism organization, gathered very rare authorizations to design, organize, promote and manage production of a unique and exceptional event.

The Venue? One of the unique places of Greece, the sacred temple of Poseidon at Sounion, a grandiose archaeological site which was for the circumstance exceptionally open to the public after the sunset, entrance free of course. The result was simply amazing, some said it was celestial! Aside the 500 persons that managed to be present (for safety reasons) another 25.000 persons joined the live streaming of the Greek Tourism organization (FB) and their feedback was also unanimous: yes, Music and Cultural Heritage defintely can work together!

Watch the video of the live coverage of the Opening Ceremony of the 18th European Music Day in the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio.


One of the educational and vocational priorities of NIMPEs project deliverable concerns the mapping of current live music production sector needs, in very different EU member countries, and more precisely, to gather concrete evidences of common problems but also of innovative practices, as to form a micro-model of sustainable solutions for the European Live Music sector.

In this direction, NIMPE Initiative deliberately operates as an umbrella network between national Music “Clusters and communities of practice”, gathering public and private organisations data, comments and suggestions.

Through mapping, interviewing, meetings and webinar activities, the results gathered will enable NIMPE partners to provide data for policy resolutions, to emphasize on common solutions and support the development of common tools for European Music Producers.

Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille, the French partner, leads the key research activity. It has a wide expertise in supporting the creation of new innovative businesses, networking the actors from enterprises/research/stakeholders to let innovative projects emerge. It has been involved in several projects related to Creative and Cultural industries, in which it sensitized the sector to innovate, and supported them in their innovation strategy and projects.

The pilot phase of the research will start by the identification of technical information and best practices useful for music industry to help them in their project development, market access and innovation.

Information and data collection will focus in 3 main axes:

  1. mapping of the wider live music sector
  2. Sharing of knowledge (event production chain process)
  3. Development of innovative & sustainable solutions for the future of the European industry

Mapping & research approach:http://nimpe.eu/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/mapping.png 300w" sizes="(max-width: 270px) 100vw, 270px">

  • Each NIMPE partner organisations will contribute to this inventory that draws a common base of knowledge.
  • Targeted professional sectors are music producers, music organisations (with economic issues), enterprises and doesn’t encompass individuals/artists at this stage.
  • This collection will identify
    • Best Practices, Interesting initiatives on local/regional areas or interesting organisation/SME in music sector / innovation
    • Country music profile with the Regional strategies and territorial dynamics on music production (Identikit)
    • Music production funding /funding opportunities (Vademecum)

Finally, all data and outcomes of this work package will be published as an online and paper workbook covering all music producers’ in the “NIMPE Workbook” with the purpose of training target groups, support networking opportunities and implementing live music co-productions.


Off the Grid event is an innovative initiative for the local music community that aims to support, network and highlight  new local musical talent, #OTGmusicforum  addresses new bands as well as professionals and music lovers who think dialogue and networking can revive the local scene.

For two days, through speeches, panel discussions and participatory workshops, the goal is to create a network of mutual support among the participants so that their work develops. 

At the end of each day, we will enjoy live  dynamic and diverse bands with music that is being created next to us, with upcoming concerts proposed by the concert and cultural venues: six dogs (Athens), Lab Art (Volos), Les Yper Yper (Thessaloniki ), Connector (Patra).

A perfect place to present NIMPE project and hear comments from young musicians, producers and promoters.

Off the Grid was held with the support of the NPO MESO Events and the participation (among others) of Angeliki Georgokosta Georges Perot Nancy Angelopoulou Kafka Takes Notes Nikos Barpakis #jjpalis #mariamarkouli #NIMPE #mesoevents#Europeanlivemusicassociation

NIMPE partners reveals new logo and website!

The Pilot launch of NIMPE has started and our creative partners designed the brand identity kit, templates for presentations, as well as anew responsive website. NIMPEs Creative designers and Media collaborators -The Comeback Studio (Graphic designers) and Tourix (digital marketing) - were chosen .
Besides, a key for the successful launch of NIMPE network will rely on a combination using physical and virtual tools including of course all web based platforms and social media networks that clearly outlines the aims and objectives of the project. Visit nimpe.eu and check out for our latest news!


Stepping on the needs of the up-coming Music Events for the 18th European Music Festival in Greece, main topic of the discussion focused on synergies and methodology to achieve stronger networking, drafting few but very specific activities for 2017 -2018, to develop community and Media impact at local and regional level, for Music Day events, but also for other events on an annual base.

It was clearly stipulated that through teh development of common activities and the collaboration of diferent cities, networking and economies of scale would be beneficial at regional but also european level in combination with the other opportunities coming from the launch of the NIMPE Initiative (Network for the Internationalization of Music Producers in Europe) but also the European Networking Initiative of the European Live MusicAssociation  in Greece and the Balkan region.

The 1st meeting of the organizers of the Hellenic Network of Northern Greece was organised by the “Vatrachoi Association”, organizers of the European Music Day (EMD) of Xanthi and MESO Events organised  in Xanthi on Saturday, April 22, 2017, in the Cultural and Art Centre Manos Hadjidakis of the Municipality of Xanthi.

The event was attended by organizers, producers and creators from Alexandroupolis, Didymoteicho, Drama, Kavala, Komotini, Orestiada, Serres, Soufli and Xanthi, as well as from Athens, Volos, Corinth, Edessa and Thessaloniki.

Representatives of the Local Public Bodies, such as the Mayor of Xanthi, Mr. Charalambos Dimarchopoulos and the Deputy Mayor of Sports, Youth,  Tourism, Culture of the Municipality of Xanthi, Ms. Alexia Girtziki also actively participated in the discussions exchanging ideas and suggestions with other guests from neighboring municipalities.

We would like to thank the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the Deputy Chief of Staff of the city of Xanthi, Mr. Kostas Zagneferis for the allocation of the Art and Multispace Manos Hadjidakis.

The next meeting will encompass the organisers of Central Greece and Pelopones, in November, and in Korinthos this time! Stay tuned!

Snapshots from the meeting!

NIMPE Initiative Project launch in Volos, Greece

NIMPE Initiative Project launch in Volos, Greece
2 - 3 February 2017, Volos Tsalapata Multiplex & Labart, NIMPE partners have successfully closed the kickoff meeting had first official occasion of networking and cooperation and Volos, capital of Magnesia and the region of Pylion, home of the centaurs was the meeting point!

During the first day, partners discussed about different ways to federate live music organizations in Europe, in order to better affect European policies and better being able to tackle the changes the market is encountering (digitalization, prominence of northern artists...).

Assomusica was represented by Vincenzo Spera, Project Manager , Paolo Varriale and Francesca Billi, Experts / Root Music LTD by Mr Jeremy Davies as the Project Manager / Drustvo Studentski kulturni center (SKUC) by Mr Miran Solinc, as the Project Manager / M.E.S.O. Music Events (MESO) was rpresented by Mr Georges Perot, Project Manager and  Katerina Gnafaki while Den Selvejende Institution Swinging Europe (Swinging Europe) was rpresented by Mr Steen Norman Storm Mikkelsen, Project Manager and Mette Pilgaard Nielsen

Technopole Quimper-Cornuaille (Technopole) was represented by Rachel Portal- Sellin, Project Manager (via skype) and for 2 days, partners had the chance to meet discuss and develop the milestones to successfully implement NIMPE network. 

Georges Perot, Greek representative of MESO and Kickoff project leader, welcomes the participants and gives an overview of the activities to be undertaken in the 2 days of work, as well as the connections and synergies with the Volume Showcase Festival that was going to be held in the same venue during the forthcoming days: the first official occasion of networking and cooperation amongst NIME and an innovative Greek live music Festival, as well as the hosting Municipality. 

Vincenzo Spera, Assomusica Project Leader, welcomes the partnerships as well and describes the importance of NIMPE, that can be considered a pilot project for the assessment of a strategy to be implemented at a wider EU level in the forthcoming years thanks as well to the synergies with ELMA, the European Live Music Association http://www.elmnet.org

During the second session of the debate, partners analyzed how NIMPE project could directly improve the quality of young professionals’ exposure to international activities and markets. 

A specific focus was given on the final purposes of the networking activity, underlining the need to catch each and single networking opportunity the partnership has, at national and international level, in order to create synergies and maximize the sustainable impact of collaboration. 


Volume showcase festival

Volume showcase festival is the first example of these possible connections. In fact, NIMPE was the reason why and an innovative Greek live music Festival, as well as the hosting Municipality
In addition to the kickoff meetings, NIMPE parnters also inaugurated a first international partnership with Volos Municipality  and the organizers of the Volume Showcase festival, a two-day conference that included a thematic program with panel discussions, presentations of best practices and workshops with coaching and mentoring sessions.
For the first time in Greece, and in a first attempt to start a real debate and encourage maximum knowledge exchange, Volume Showcase Festival 1st edition focused on the present and the future of live music sector in Eastern, Central and Southern Europe, the challenges for young Greek talents or professionals who seek to perform abroad and the actions that need to be taken in order to increase greater understanding and cooperation between European music networks.

Evening concerts with unexpected outputs!


1.Project presentation

NIMPE initiative has been presented during the music showcase conference & festival, and our Partners had the opportunity to meet with local public, artists, producers, promoters and managers from Greece and abroad
Amongst the European guest were presents NIMPE partners, Mr. Vincenzo Spera, Chairman of Assomusica the association of Italian music producer and legendary producer of Due Mila Grandi Eventi, representatives of European Jazz Orchestra (Swinging Europe- Denmark) and Root Music (UK), but also partners from other European networks such as Mr. Marton Naray (Nouvelle Prague & Czech Music Office –Czech), Mr.  Michal Wojcik (Krakow Music Foundation & Tak BRzmi Miasto Showcase Festival - Poland) and Mr. Zsolt Jeges from Take Berlin Promotion (Lollapalooza partners, Ozora, Rock for People, Sziget etc.).
On behalf of Greek Music professionals were presents Ms Daphne Stefanidis (DS events), Ms. Lida Romani (Eleftheria Arvanitaki), Michael Tsepelis (Rock Madness), Georges Perot (MESO Music EventsHellenic Music Day Network) and artists/musicians Leonidas Balafas Leonidias Balafas, Panagiotis Melidis (Larry Gus),  Fotis Siotas & Kostas Pantelis (Sancho 003), Petros Malamas (Petros Malamas), The Noise Figures and several others.
Discussion with Municipal representatives
Volume Showcase Festival aims to connect local managers, producers, creators, performers and musicians with renowned producers, artists, managers and promoters from Greece and abroad through discussions, coaching mentoring sessions and speed networking. Besides NIMPE project and partners has been officially presented to the local institutions, stakeholders and artists during the Volume Music Showcase Conference, held in the historical edifice of the Tsalapatas Cultural Centre of Volos.

Given the interest risen around NIMPE project, and the availability demonstrated both by Volos Municipality and the Volume Showcase organizers, a follow up of the project will be made and both the institution and the Festival will keep on cooperating with NIMPE, in the networking and dissemination activity.
Cultural Heritage

Visit to the Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas, hosted in the same cultural centre the kick off and Volume Conference was held. The Museum presents daily life in the factory, as well as all the production stages of different types of bricks and tiles. Its objective is to showcase the historical identity of the town of Volos and to contribute to the preservation and promotion of its industrial heritage.

And of course, some delicate (!) tasting of local gastronomy, drinks and philoxenia!


Azioni internazionali di Assomusica in occasione del Reeperbahn Festival

Il presidente di Assomusica, Vincenzo Spera, ad Amburgo


Azioni internazionali di Assomusica in occasione del Reeperbahn Festival


Il presidente di Assomusica, Vincenzo Spera, anche quest'anno ha visitato Amburgo (Germania) in occasione del Reeperbahn Festival 2017. Una preziosa occasione per ritrovare e confrontarsi con i vecchi e nuovi partner su future opportunità di collaborazione.

"Reeperbahn Festival" da anni è diventato un punto di riferimento per i rappresentanti di Assomusica, opportunità importante per confrontarsi sull’istituzione di un’organizzazione europea che possa difendere gli interessi di un settore molto importante per la filiera, ma troppo spesso danneggiato da differenti orientamenti politici a livello internazionale. Così, proprio nei giorni del festival, la Commissione Europea ha organizzato un workshop per rilanciare al meglio l'azione Music Moves Europe, iniziativa che prevede la circolazione della musica al livello europeo.

“Con i membri della Comunità Europea Assomusicadichiara il Presidente Spera - partecipa da circa 2 anni alla discussione e all'elaborazione del progetto. “Music Moves Europe”, passo necessario affinché si arrivi nel 2020 all'approvazione di una legge dedicata alla musica, che ancora l'Europa non ha e che è invece di fondamentale importanza per i benefici che può portare al settore, come già successo nel Cinema e nell’audiovisivo”.

Lanciato per rafforzare il settore della musica europea, sviluppare la creatività e favorire la competitività dell'Europa, il progetto si è posto specifici obiettivi: promuovere l'innovazione; ampliare la diversità della musica europea; aiutare il settore ad adattarsi alla digitalizzazione.

Music Moves Europe” è una delle iniziative svolte nell’ambito di Europa Creativa, programma di finanziamento dell'UE che sostiene diverse attività. Tra questi i progetti interculturali, sviluppo delle reti professionali, piattaforme di supporto degli artisti etc. Un nuovo impegno è quello di sostenere European Border Breaker Awards (EBBA), il premio che celebra i nuovi artisti e riconosce il loro successo al livello europeo.

Inoltre, il 24 settembre, si è svolto l’incontro tra i membri fondatori di European Live Music Association (ELMA) per definire le prime azioni prioritarie ed un calendario 2017-2018. ELMA è una rete formale che vede Assomusica come proponente e primo presidente, finalizzata alla rappresentanza degli interessi dell’intera filiera del live in Europa.

Dopo aver investito molte risorse sull'accreditamento a livello europeo, Assomusica ha oggi i mezzi e la credibilità per ambire ad un coinvolgimento diretto nelle future fasi dei progetti in Europa, apportandoli anche in Italia. Di recente, Assomusica ha favorito la realizzazione della prima edizione della Milano Music Week, un atteso evento che si svolgerà dal 20 al 26 novembre prossimo. Il progetto nasce per potenziare e confermare la vocazione internazionale del tessuto artistico e produttivo italiano.   

“Sarà il primo passo per comprendere quale forza hanno queste iniziative al livello europeo e mondialeaggiunge il presidente Spera - Milano Music Week diventerà quel forte punto di riferimento in Italia che ad oggi non esiste. La frequentazione di questi appuntamenti annuali nelle maggiori capitali europee, americane, in Canada, Australia e Giappone, confermano l’importanza di ciò che si è discusso al Milano Music Week. Mi aspetto ora una forte partecipazione.”

Comunicazione Assomusica: “Daniele Mignardi Promopressagency”

(Tel. 06.32651758 - info@danielemignardi.it)


Assomusica Associazione

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