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Vincenzo Spera comments on the increase in music tourism on Sole 24 ore


Music tourism is more and more important for the economy. Assomusica, the association of Italian concert promoters, released data that show how, out od 6.1 million tickets sold, a third of the audience comes from other counties. A 2.7 per cent is coming from other States altogether. The Arena in Verona sees a 62 per cent of tickets sold outside the town. "We are seeing an increasing phenomenon for music tourism, going hand in hand with an increase in the number of concerts. It is a useful gain for a business that already generates 640 million euros a year", explains Assomusica president Vincenzo Spera to Italian newspaper Sole 24 ore.

The different people in the audience have a different impact on the tourism business: "Rock and pop events concern big numbers while lyrical and jazz concerts are usually attended by big spenders who sleep in high-cost hotels", added Filippo Fonsatti, president of the  Federazione dello spettacolo dal vivo, Live show Federation.